Swiss Land Estates SA develops properties within the portfolio whilst acquiring new buildings which offer major development potential and a strong return on investment.


  • We work with local network We prioritise the quality of the work environment

    The majority of buildings in the Swiss Land Estates portfolio are work spaces in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. The well-being of our tenants and the people who use our buildings are at the heart of everything we do and we place great importance on health and safety provisions to meet local standards.

  • We prioritize the quality of the working environment. We work with local networks

    Our tenants are our priority and we focus on working to meet their needs through regular engagement and by connecting with local social and professional networks. We choose partners who share our outlook and are registered with a collective labour agreement which links employers and workers with strong health and safety regulations and agreed-on rules on salaries.

  • We support outsourced employees working environment We support outsourced employees

    Swiss Land Estates is a responsible employer requiring all subcontractors to be registered as a signatory of a collective labour agreement. This means that employees are paid according to a salary level which respects agreements between employer and employee unions and ensures appropriate safety and environmental regulations training is provided.

  • We support Nature We support nature

    We take our environmental responsibilities seriously and advocate for the use of organic products, energy efficiency and renewable projects. As part of our corporate social responsibilities we support and promote a locally sourced honey enterprise that also provides work and rehabilitation for those requiring social reintegration.

Swiss Land Estates SA (SLE) is a Swiss company domiciled in Geneva, and reports directly to Northumberland Estates Ltd.

The local team comprises
    (executive director)
  • Aline LILLA
    (deputy director)
  • Michelle PITTON
    (architect and project manager)
  • Emmanuelle MELLY
    (accountant and administrative assistant)