Newsletter n°5

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Swiss Land Estates supports APIDAE, an association that works for biodiversity by protecting bees.

It’s here and now: We are experiencing the 6th mass extinction in 500 million years and the first since the disappearance of dinosaurs. This awareness motivated APIDAE’s creation ten years ago. APIDAE is convinced that solutions to the biodiversity decline will be found collectively. They are therefore working to raise awareness amongst young people, adults, and seniors. To do so, APIDAE works with schools. They train teachers on issues related to the biodiversity decline. They install beehives on the roofs of schools for free. Each year APIDAE distributes hundreds of seeds to feed pollinating insects. Working with bees is a wonderful activity that reconnects people with nature and makes them aware of how much we depend on it. On top of those activities, since 2022, APIDAE has been offering people in very precarious situation the opportunity to train as beekeepers in Switzerland. The honey and candles we offer as our Christmas gift come from Apidae’s hives located on SBP1’s roof. We hope you’ll enjoy it.


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