Failure doesn’t mean anything, it just means changing paths.
— Alejandro Jodorowsky

  • Net 0 with SLEnergy SA

    SLEnergy is a new company that has been created in March 2021 and which is dedicated to rent roofs and produce electricity to be sold to local tenants. We also see a potential regarding energy storage with a potential energy system and hydrogen storage.

  • Highlights

    One of the first private grid in Switzerland with the solar panels on the roof of SBP2, SLEnergy produces 0.47 GWh / annually. SBP1’s and SBP2’s consumption is of 0.47 GWh / annually.

  • Coming projects

    Mutualise waste treatment concept

    Mutualise gas consumption and create a truck and carwash station

  • Energy purchase targets

    Water : 50% purchase in 2023

    Gas : zero purchase in 2025