Give your mind the habit of doubt and your heart that of tolerance.
— Lichtenberg, Le Miroir de l’Âme


07. 14. 23 News

Newsletter n°9

SBP1+ The SBP1 building is acquiring an extension, called SBP1+ This extension will work upwards: on the same piece of land, by constructing a new industrial building which will arch over the existing one. With the added + : more…
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05. 30. 23 News

Newsletter n°8

SLENERGY Energy autonomy as a tool for net zero. SLEnergy website went life mid of May. SLEnergy aims to provide innovative approaches and facilitate simple and intelligent technological solutions. SLEnergy aims to inspire change in attitudes towards energy and support…
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03. 28. 23 Newsletter

Newsletter n°7

SBP1 Fire compliance of the 1st floor corridor by Processus Immobilier SA. SLE followed the recommendations of “Fire Protection” audit 2021. On the 1st floor, the distribution corridor for the various rental areas was made fireproof. A new fireproof access…
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02. 23. 23 Newsletter

Newsletter n°6

DONA Since May 2022, Swiss Land Estates is supporting DONA, a coffee brand that sources high quality specialty coffee uniquely and exclusively from women-owned coffee farms around the globe. Women are largely invisible in the coffee industry. Did you know that 70%…
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12. 16. 22 Newsletter

Newsletter n°5

APIDAE Swiss Land Estates supports APIDAE, an association that works for biodiversity by protecting bees. It’s here and now: We are experiencing the 6th mass extinction in 500 million years and the first since the disappearance of dinosaurs. This awareness…
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09. 26. 22 Switzerland

Newsletter n°4

SLENERGY The project to implement shared waste collection on SBP1 is being materialized. We have laid out the plans and planned the installation. The building permit will be submitted to the authorities on October 2022 for a start of works…
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07. 16. 22 Switzerland

Newsletter n°3

BB26 – “PREMIÈRE PIERRE” BB26 SA Route de Bois-de-Bay 26, 1242 Satigny, Geneva. On July 8th, we celebrated the traditional “ Première pierre ” for BB26 and had a traditional Portuguese lunch prepared by the workers. What is called “ the first stone ”…
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06. 12. 22 Switzerland

Newsletter n°2

SLE – OFFICES Satigny Business Park 1 Rue du Pré-de-la Fontaine 10, 1242 Satigny, Geneva. SLE moved into new offices on May 9th and was able to inaugurate them in the presence of Earl Percy, Rory Wilson, Clare Ingle and…
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04. 28. 22 Switzerland

Newsletter n°1

SBP1 Satigny Business Park 1 Rue du Pré-de-la Fontaine 10, 1242 Satigny, Geneva. New parking space By reorganizing the parking, we have been able to host a new exterior tenant on a 800 sqm space, that was not rented until…
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