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Since May 2022, Swiss Land Estates is supporting DONA, a coffee brand that sources high quality specialty coffee uniquely and exclusively from women-owned coffee farms around the globe.

Women are largely invisible in the coffee industry. Did you know that 70% of the work in the field to make our cup of coffee is done by women but only very few own their land and have the rights to the fair revenues of their work?

DONA’s goal is to build a brand that connects consumers, all of us, with women coffee producers around the world. By doing this, we give them visibility, we celebrate their exceptional efforts, achievements, courage, and most of all, we will support them by supporting their business, paying a fair price set by them and not by the commodity market, so they can have fair profits and through all of that, we will support their communities.

All DONA coffees are slowly roasted in small batches very near Swiss Land Estates offices in Satigny and sold online as whole beans and compostable capsules.

When women succeed, we all benefit from that success. In many areas of the world, women still lack fundamental human rights, equity in work and pay, and access to the same entrepreneurship opportunities that are so readily available to men. DONA’s mission is to change this dynamic and Swiss Land Estates has decided not just to drink coffee but drink DONA, coffee with a purpose.

Enjoy the tasting!


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